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Introduction to the demonstration base of water - based ecological synthetic leather
Click: 2017-09-18

On August 15, 2005, during an inspection tour in Anji, Huzhou, Zhejiang, Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, put forward for the first time the scientific conclusion that "clear water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver".

Planning first, is not only to gold and silver mountains, but also to clear water and green mountains premise, but also let clear water and green mountains into gold and silver mountains top-level design.All localities in Zhejiang pay special attention to the issue of regional planning, strengthen the positioning of main functions, optimize the pattern of territorial space development, and take it as the strategic planning and prerequisite for the practice of "clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains".

Lishui is the largest prefecture-level city in the province.Known as "Green Valley of Zhejiang" for its excellent ecological environment.

As time goes by, the mountains are full of color.Over the years, lishui people have always kept President Xi's important instructions in mind and adhered to the development concept of clear water and green mountains.

In April 2013, the first demonstration base of water-based ecological synthetic leather was settled in Lishui, Zhejiang province.Support the research and development and production of water-based additives, water-based synthetic leather equipment and other upstream and downstream enterprises to promote the green transformation of synthetic leather industry.

From "the unbearable weight of the environment" to the intense effort to develop water-based ecological synthetic leather, Lishui synthetic leather industry says goodbye to "the snow embraces the blue pass" and usher in "the bright future and another village".The timetable and path chart for the transformation and upgrading of synthetic leather industry has been clearly marked: putting down the black chimney, leaving the blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and clear water, has become a common idea in people's hearts.

Lishui Economic and Technological Development Zone, as the only state-level development zone in Lishui city, has been tracking the development of water-based ecological synthetic leather technology, and organized enterprises to make beneficial attempts to accelerate the pace of ecological transformation of synthetic leather industry.First of all, it strongly supports enterprises to carry out research and development and application exploration of water-based resin. Through scientific and technological project approval and cyclic pilot support, it greatly improves the enthusiasm of enterprises to carry out ecological leather research.The second is to build the public service platform, has set up a ecological synthetic leather industry in zhejiang province technology innovation strategic alliance, domestic plastic leather industry the first league), zhejiang lishui ecological synthetic leather technology innovation service platform (the only water-based synthetic leather public service platform), zhejiang province, provincial synthetic leather quality inspection center, promote the development of synthetic leather related technology and sharing, reduce the cost of the enterprise research and development, testing and risk.With the strong support of China Light Industry Federation Plastic Processing Industry Association, two international waterborne ecological synthetic leather industry Conferences were successfully held, which achieved good publicity effect and promoted the communication and exchange of upstream and downstream industrial chain of waterborne synthetic leather.Finally, the introduction of effective force, the introduction of professional water-based leather production enterprises Wenzhou Changfeng synthetic leather, to expand the high-end market of water-based synthetic leather.Introduce Baoda and other professional water-based resin production enterprises, for the production of water-based synthetic leather;The expert team of "National Thousand Talents Plan" was introduced to upgrade synthetic leather from "micro-solvent water-based leather" to "zero-solvent water-based leather";

Synthetic leather industry has been formed by efforts, development zone ", resins, additives, synthetic leather, leather base cloth from type paper "complete circular economy industrial chain, the number of synthetic leather production line, production enterprise number, production capacity, respectively accounted for about 6.4%, 7.5% and 10.6% of the country, become the domestic development the fastest, the most complete industrial chain, industrial concentration degree is highest, the innovation ability of the strongest synthetic leather industry park, one of 2016 industrial output value 10.58 billion yuan, accounting for half of the output.However, there are still some challenges in the development zone, such as small scale of synthetic leather enterprises, heavy pressure of pollution prevention and control, small proportion of high-end ecological synthetic leather, and low level of fine management.The next step of the development zone will unify the thinking, fully implement the scientific outlook on Development, adhere to the strategic guidance of "clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains", and earnestly promote the industrial transformation in accordance with the thinking requirements of "scale, clean, ecological, automation and standardization".

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