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The industrial situation analysis meeting of Songyang County was held in Zhejiang Zhongyun Mabou Co., LTD
Click: 2017-05-22

Under the chairmanship of Li Hanqin, MAO Shengfa and other county leaders, representatives of Songyang Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce and various enterprises held the "Songyang County Industrial Situation Analysis Meeting" in yunyun Ma conference room.And visited the production site of our company.

    Mr. Ye Fuzhong, the chairman of the company, warmly welcomed the leaders of the county and the entrepreneurs, and reported the production situation, technological improvement and future development of the company.And the company's development plan for the next three years made a report, full of confidence in the future development of the enterprise.

MAO County to attract investment, coal to replace steam, stainless steel pickling sites and other policies made clear instructions;Li said the party committee and government, as always, will implement support, improve efficiency and carry forward the good momentum;In terms of total volume, we should try our best to expand, become bigger and stronger, improve standards, enhance competitiveness, enhance the power and discourse power of the industry system, seize market opportunities, often learn new things;To keep safe, environmental protection, reflect peacetime internal management, responsible for the staff, responsible for water, responsible for future generations, the bottom line to protect.


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