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As one of the most developed areas in China, Wenzhou has developed many ways and means for private enterprises to raise development funds. Among them, many enterprises guarantee each other loans from Banks, which has become a very common local financing method.However, this seemingly convenient and fast way of loan is now in great trouble because the whole guarantee process is too casual. Even some good enterprises with great development potential have been dragged down not only to get bank loans, but also to bear huge debts for the guaranteed objects.What's going on here?

Wenzhou Zhongguang Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2010, is a manufacturer of optical communication equipment. Due to its rapid development and good growth prospects, it has always been easy to obtain bank loans.The company received 197 million yuan in bank loans in 2011, and the bank has agreed to increase the loan quota to 350 million to 500 million yuan this year.Instead of making more loans, however, the Banks ended up cutting back by $100 million.

Wenzhou light technology Co., LTD. Chairman Liu Shunfeng told reporters, a total of Banks to give me loans now only more than 90 million.So this pressure on my business is very great.

The reason for this situation is the mutual insurance loans caused by the disaster.In the second half of last year, a wenzhou company approached Mr. Liu and offered to borrow money from a bank with mutual guarantees, knowing that it would be able to get one if it needed a loan.Liu shunfeng signed the guarantee agreement.Unexpectedly, however, the company's capital chain went wrong, and Liu shunfeng was implicated in the guarantee.And this to the normal operation of the enterprise with a great impact.

In wenzhou light technology co., LTD., chairman of Liu Shunfeng tells a reporter, we first give him, we are additional guarantees, 58 million, a problem later, after the bank know we give him guarantee, the bank began to smoke information to me, how much impact on me, I directly influences the production of loss about $5, at least.

The negative impact of mutually insured loans on China Light does not stop there.Since the company he has guaranteed has only about 30 million yuan in assets, zhongguang will have to pay back the remaining 28 million yuan once the company goes into bankruptcy.To make matters worse, China Light technology also borrowed 60 million yuan from a bank under the guarantee of a Wenzhou auto parts company, and agreed to use 40 million yuan of the loan while the other auto parts company used 20 million yuan.Unexpectedly, the auto parts company could not repay the loan due to the broken capital chain. In order to maintain the credit of the company, Zhongguang Technology had to repay the loan of 20 million yuan for the auto parts company.

At present in Wenzhou, the situation of mutual insurance of enterprises is very common.But the whole process is very arbitrary, and some even are not clear about the purpose of the guaranteed enterprise loan, directly to guarantee.Until the other side of the business problems, implicated, did not realize the risk and responsibility.

Risk diffusion leather base cloth industry eight enterprises down three

We see that by guarantee guarantee enterprise capital chain enterprises, or out of the question, a very good enterprise could develop into a dilemma, but thankfully, because the company capital is abundant, performance is good, it is able to function properly, but not high in the boom of some in the industry, because basically are members of mutual guarantee, so there are even a few companies out of the question, followed by a drag on the whole industry.

Zhu Zhonggao, assistant to the chairman of Zhejiang Zhongyun Horse dyeing and weaving Industrial Co., LTD., told reporters that in our industry, in the Wenzhou area, three of the eight enterprises I know that produce our leather-backed cloth have collapsed in three months from July this year.Because of the guarantee, the cash flow can not come over, the bank demanded the loan, he can not repay himself.I have no choice but to throw it away.

Zhu Zhonggao, who runs a dyeing and weaving enterprise in Longwan District, Wenzhou city, engaged in the production of leather base cloth, told reporters that the leather base cloth industry can be said to be the "disaster area" of wenzhou enterprises mutual insurance.

Zhejiang cloud horse textile industrial co., LTD., chairman assistant high zhu told reporters, like leather base cloth industry mutual insurance is more severe, almost everyone I buy you and I with you, why will be confirmed, because they are between friends and family, or the fluctuation and the relationship between the supply and sales, to save face, said that if a crisis, an enterprise is bound to affect the guarantee enterprise for him.

In April, Mr. Zhu's company was among a dozen upstream and downstream companies and peers that had vouched for it when one of the industry's leading companies stopped production because of poor management and a broken capital chain.One firm, which had secured a $40 million loan for the company, was forced to suspend production after Banks and suppliers demanded payment in advance.

Zhu Zhonggao, assistant to the chairman of Zhejiang Zhongyun Horse dyeing and weaving Industrial Co., LTD., told reporters that, first of all, the bank required him to pay, repay the loan in advance.The second supplier will also urge him to pay the money as soon as possible, in this case, the first guaranteed enterprise is not dead, he is already in danger, and has taken measures to stop production.

In Longwan District of Wenzhou, where Zhu Zhonggao is located, private enterprises are very dense. There are more than 2,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in the district, and the industry involves many traditional manufacturing fields such as leather, clothing and hardware.Experts point out that the risk spread caused by mutual insurance will be particularly obvious due to the small scale of local enterprises and the dense interaction between industries.

Wenzhou small and medium-sized enterprise development association for the advancement of zhou dewen told reporters that only a slightly appear some problems, the Banks a smoke, smoke bank loans, other Banks, as an enterprise not only to a bank loans, other Banks rushing to take out loans, so the money is a problem, it involves to guarantee he or group of enterprises, group enterprises in difficulty, and involves the coinsurance him his guarantee, is causing a vicious cycle.As a result, the crisis of mutual insurance has not passed and may even spread further.

It is more prudent to talk about mutual guarantee for enterprises

As an enterprise, it is impossible to completely fail to consider the business risks that may be caused by the guarantee, so why would such a wide range of mutual insurance in Wenzhou?This is probably related to the local tradition of wenzhou, which is dominated by private enterprises.But as the mutual-guarantee crisis spreads, it is becoming less common for people to guarantee for a moment's good.

The reporter learned in the interview that because wenzhou enterprises have a tradition of group development, so the mutual insurance between enterprises is very common, which is often seen as a way for private enterprises to help each other.And when the economy is running smoothly, Banks encourage firms to guarantee each other to reduce the risk of their own loans.However, because such mutual insurance and guarantee are often based on human relations, they often do not pay attention to the use of the insured's funds, which makes this kind of huddle method become dangerous.

Wenzhou lighter industry association President Huang Fajing told reporters, there are a lot of guarantor, due to the philistinism of the society, is the face we speak, everyone's face, plus a lot of our entrepreneurs or, the awareness of laws and regulations is relatively weak, once a problem occurs, the responsibility is all their own.

According to insiders, the risk of mutual insurance loans in the past few years was seriously ignored. A considerable number of enterprises in Wenzhou invested in real estate, mining and other industries with a relatively hot market at that time after bank loans. Objectively, there was the phenomenon of short loan and long investment.Therefore, with the implementation of national macro-control and the tightening of monetary policy, many enterprises have problems in production and operation.And the cooling of the real estate market has also led to a sharp decline in the collateral assets of enterprises, so Banks' additional loans to enterprises have also declined sharply, which has once again increased the strain on the capital chain of enterprises.

Wenzhou lighter industry Association President Huang Fajing told reporters, there are also a lot of enterprises are made now we talk about excessive investment, or we now the boss of the enterprise did some excessive consumption, or some excessive speculation, causing capital difficulties or even bankruptcy.So say the problem that assures now became our Wenzhou a few good enterprise predicament.

The wenzhou private lending crisis that broke out last year, which impacted the local credit system, aggravated the mutual guarantee and guarantee crisis and also made more and more enterprises stay away from this kind of financing.

Huang Fajing, President of wenzhou lighter Industry Association, told reporters: 'It is very difficult for someone to ask me for a guarantee, or vice versa.I'm not alone. Most people don't.Unless the project is very clear to people who need money.

Zhejiang cloud horse textile industrial co., LTD., chairman assistant zhu high tells a reporter, some one that want to is very general, he simply, alone, after what I don't guarantee loan, I also don't guarantee with other people, of course it also restricted the development of enterprise, such as financing, is also a little restriction.

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